Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fatty But Wholesome: Boston Mackerel



Hi Folks,

This amazing fish, a relative of the tuna, is known by many to be bait rather than a delicious supper. Humble—but appealing—mackerel has collected some respect and culinary fans in recent times thanks to its affordable price and its newly embraced super-food status as a sustainably-caught little fish that’s as rich in flavor as it is in nourishing omega-3 oils. Peak season? These migratory fish splash around our waters from November through May. But don't worry you can find "as-good-as" Spanish Mackerel from July through September.

We include them often in our menus at Brooklyn Edible Social Club because of its versatile and full-flavored nature. It works well smoked, pickled, cured, roasted, poached, pan-seared, and even raw.

Look for them at Blue Moon Fish, our hands-down favorite fishmonger from Mattituck, NY, at New York City's Greenmarkets. We bet you can taste the fresh brine from the ocean, along with the love Alex and Steph put into their hard work on their boat, "The Blue Moon".

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