Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring's First Edible Patches of Green: Ramps


Hey There Folks,

Let's talk about the first wild green vegetable of Spring, now making its appearance in the woods and at the markets: Allium Tricoccum A.K.A Ramp, Wild Leek, Ramson or Ail Des Bois. It's recently earned a huge popularity among Greenmarket foragers, becoming the uncontested star of this early part of the season. Its intense flavor reminds us onion and strong garlic and it's great charred, roasted, or pickled. If you want to experience these wonderful treats you'd better hurry! Ramps' really short season is only 3 to 5 weeks long, starting now. 

Of course we'll be featuring this spring jewel in many dishes in our early season menus at Brooklyn Edible Social Club.

Where to find them if you are not foraging out in the Catskills? Try our pals
Wilklow Orchards from Highland, NY  or the no less fantastic Bradley Farm
from New Paltz, NY
at the Greenmarket... Good luck in your quest!

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