Friday, March 25, 2011

Stinky Pleasure: Cato Corner's Black Ledge Blue Cheese


Hello Folks,

Cato Corner Farm is by far one of our favorites. This small local creamery, located in Colchester, CT, is run by a mother-and-son team working in tandem. Their superb farmstead cheeses are made with raw milk from a happy herd of mostly Jersey cows that wander the land pasturing grasses. We've planned a field trip to this lovely farm in spring, so we will be writing more about them in future posts.

But what brings us here today is to talk about their award-winning BLACK LEDGE BLUE. Aged 2-to-5 months, this natural rind blue cheese has a beautiful yellow coloration speckled with tones of blue. The fairly creamy texture and medium strong flavor has a rich, delicate and earthy finish, giving it a distinctive but approachable taste.

We're so in love with this blue because of its richness and versatility that we constantly use it in our Brooklyn Edible Social Club's winter menus to enhance and balance the flavor profile of several dishes.

You can find Cato Corner Farm at a few Greenmarkets around the city so we encourage you to sample their awesome cheeses... and remember to try the Black Ledge Blue, of course!


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